• From iOS- to Vapor developer

    After doing around 3 years of fulltime iOS development I decided to make a career switch. Instead of focusing on mobile development, I started to focus on backend development. The most exciting part of this switch was that I was able to continue using the Swift programming language I had become so passionate about.

  • Swift 3 and the lack of recursive protocol constraints

    While starting to understand the power of Swift, protocols and associated types I also started running into the limitations of the current version of Swift (version 3). One of the more surprisingly limitations I've faced is the one related to recursive protocol constraints.

  • Going to my first iOS conference: UIKonf 2016

    The 1st of January 2016 I wrote down a list of things I would like to do in 2016. One of them being to go to an iOS conference. Luckily for me, I have an awesome workplace (Unwire) who were interested in helping me to go to UIKonf 2016. For each day at the conference I tried to write down my thoughts for any interested reader who considers going to an iOS conference or going to this specific conference.

  • Objective-C’s @selector() in Swift

    Swift 2.2 got released recently, and with the new version, Apple continues to show that they're committed to this language. One of my favourite new features of Swift is the #selector() method, which can make our code more safe.

  • A quick start guide for getting Swift on the web

    Ever since Apple announced that Swift was going to be open source, I've been interested in the development of moving Swift to the backend. Being an old web developer myself who is still doing some web stuff, I found it exciting to be able to re-use my knowledge of a programming language across frontend and backend.