I am a passionate and ambitious Swift developer with management experience and a flair for design and UX from Copenhagen, Denmark. I have a master's degree in Computer Science as well as experience working with apps and backends of high complexity and large user bases. Further, I have experience being a technically lead as well as being a manager.

I favor software that is consistent, decoupled, tested and easy to reason about. I care and contribute to the community in order to improve as a community as well as progressing as an individual. I like to be proactive, I love experimenting, I'm interested in UX and UI's and I'm not a fan of the saying "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".

After doing years of iOS development, I made the switch to the server where I am now doing fulltime server-side Swift development using Vapor.

Keywords: Swift, Vapor, MVVM, VIPER, SOLID, TDD, F(R)P, POP



Lead Developer & Head of Vapor Development

January 2017 – Present - Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Manager for the local iOS and Backend team (around 8 people)
  • Techincal/Platform Lead for the global Vapor team (around 6 people)

My position at Nodes consists of both being a manager for the iOS and Backend team in Copenhagen (around 8 people) and being a technical/platform lead for the Vapor team globally (around 6 people across Denmark and UK). I'm involved in customer projects, including customer meetings, estimations, workshops and the development of backend solutions working with internal and external teams and technologies. As the Head of Vapor Development, I encourage and do my best to facilitate improvements in the team in terms of technical skills as well as productivity. This includes planning team workshops, hosting meetups, developing and maintaining around 15 open source repos and ensuring knowledge sharing within the team.


Senior iOS Developer

February 2016 – December 2016 - Copenhagen, Denmark

At Unwire I have helped developing some of the biggest payment applications in Denmark. I have been involved in the development projects from initial planning and estimation to customer workshops and design phase to carrying out the actual implementation. Finally I have been involved in continously releasing new updates in collaboration with other platform teams as well as the customer. At Unwire I've been very active in advocating strong coding practices as well as trying to ensure a high level of knowledge sharing. Lastly I have tried to introduce cutting edge technologies and tried to make Unwire a bigger part of the iOS community, e.g. by organising iOS meetups at the office.


iOS Developer

July 2014 – February 2016 - Copenhagen, Denmark

Bit Machine


March 2012 – July 2017 - Copenhagen, Denmark

Bit Machine has been my one-person business for many years and was founded when I was studying at the university. The company has done a range of different application projects, including one with the famous Danish design company, Vipp. The app (Vipp desktop bin) was the first of its kind and was rewarded a Gold Award at the Creative Circle Awards 2012.

Trivia Fight

Lead Developer

May 2012 – July 2014 - Copenhagen, Denmark

Along my master studies I joined the entrepreneur project, Trivia Fight, which is a quiz application developed for the iPhone. I joined the project at a very early stage and I had influence on the final concept and I was in charge of planning the technical foundation. Besides leading the development of Trivia Fight, I did all of the iOS development solely. Trivia Fight was launched in the US and later in Denmark. The application had over 20.000 users and thousands of active users every month. The application got mentioned in several of the biggest Danish publications, e.g. Metroxpress, Søndagsavisen, Euroman, BT, Ekstra Bladet and more.


Web Developer

June 2011 – January 2013 - Copenhagen, Denmark

I worked part time at Guava as a Web Developer in their development department. At Guava I helped create solutions both for in-house use and for customers. These solutions included: Drupal sites, Facebook applications, landing sites, mobile sites and several solutions integrating with API's like Podio and Campaign Monitor.

Danish Maritime Authority

Project intern (Java Developer)

January 2012 – June 2012 - Copenhagen, Denmark

Dansk Aktie Analyse A/S

Web Developer

December 2008 – June 2011 - Copenhagen, Denmark

Hello Group

Project intern (Android Developer)

November 2010 – January 2011 - Copenhagen, Denmark




November 2017 – Present

Together with organizers of VaporLondon and VaporBerlin, we started to organize the world's first conference focused on Server-Side Swift. The conference will take place in Berlin in September 2018 and we're currently in the process of securing venue, sponsors and speakers.



February 2017 – Present - London, United Kingdom

I helped start the first London based Vapor meetup in February 2017 which I also help organize today. The meetup is usually held every month, with different companies in London hosting the meetup. Each event consists of 2-3 talks as well as time for networking. The events has around 20-50 participants each time and I try to give a talk once in a while.

Copenhagen Cocoa


February 2016 – Present - Copenhagen, Denmark

As a co-organizer I help organizing iOS meetups in Copenhagen which are held every other month. The events consists of 2-3 talks and a "makers moment" where people can show off their own projects. The events has around 30-70 participants each time and I personally try to give a talk once in a while.


iOS Programming for Kids


April 2017 - Packt Publishing

After writing for 6 months I published my first book in April 2017. The book was written together with an iOS Developer from New York, US (Jim Campagno). My main motivation for saying yes to the project, were to try and contribute to make Swift more accessible, but also to become a better writer in general.


University of Copenhagen

Master's degree, Computer Science

September 2011 — June 2014 - Copenhagen, Denmark

San Diego State University

Master's degree (semester abroad), Computer Science

September 2012 — December 2012 - San Diego, US

University of Copenhagen

Bachelor's degree, Computer Science

September 2008 — June 2011 - Copenhagen, Denmark

Technical Skills

  • Patterns: MVC, MVVM, VIPER, F(R)P, TDD, TBD, POP, DI, SOLID, Git Flow, Unit Testing
  • Backend
    • Swift, Ruby
    • Frameworks: Vapor, Ruby on Rails
    • Databases: MySQL, PostgresSQL, SQLite, Redis
    • Tools/Services: Urban Airship, Bugsnag, Amazon AWS, Vapor Cloud, Heroku
    • Misc: JSON, XML
  • iOS
    • Swift, Objective-C
    • Frameworks: ReactiveCocoa, Core Data, Auto Layout/PureLayout, Quick & Nimble
    • Tools/Services: TestFlight, Crashlytics/Beta, Fastlane, CococaPods
    • Misc: Localization, Provisioning/Releasing
  • Other
    • Git: GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucker
    • CI: Travis, Circle-CI, Bamboo
    • Web: HTML, CSS/Sass, JavaScript/jQuery
    • Machine Learning (BigML, Amazon ML)
    • Scrum


  • Danish: native
  • English: fluent


  • Traveling
  • Boards (skateboarding, snowboarding, wakeboarding and surfing)
  • Personal challenges (Ironman finisher of 2014)